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Using Pinterest for Inspiration

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I use Pinterest for LOTS of things, including inspiration for my writing. When I begin my framework for a manuscript, I cast the characters. This helps me to “hear” their voices so that I can choose their words more precisely. It also helps with facial expressions, mannerisms, and physicality. Pinterest enables me to cast the story, using characters from any time period, to create a more real ensemble to tell my story.

It also allows me to travel the globe, reference specific places, features, culture, weather, and events. This enables me to world-build more effectively. And since my books often include fashion and food, Pinterest helps me choose just the right touches for sensory imagery. These are the details that bring the stories to life.

I create Boards for all of my stories, and I’m including a link to my Red Heels (my newest novel) board. HERE.

Are you a Pinterest user? Do you use it for work, fun, or something else? Comment below! I’d love to hear from you.

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Meet Agent Evan Tyler

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Evangeline (Evan) Dale Tyler

Age: 28, Birthday: June 7

Height: 5′-10″ Weight: 145 lbs.

Evan Tyler was born an only child to Gordon and Maggie Tyler in West Texas on one of the several Army bases where her father was stationed. Her natural red hair, teal blue eyes, and tall slender figure got her noticed by her high school drama teacher, who sent her to a modeling agent. Evan took advantage of the opportunity and began modeling haute couture all over the world.

On one modeling assignment in Europe, Evan found herself in a desperate situation that had her running for her life. That led her to the US Embassy in Milan, where she met Rowan Kirk, an agent for InDIGO, the International Discretionary Intelligence Gathering Organization. Evan not only helped Kirk stop a madman but she found her calling in international espionage. Kirk became her partner in fieldwork and Evan decided to have a permanent receiver implanted in her ear canal, which allowed her and Kirk to communicate without a tell-tale earbud.

After a couple of years working with Rowan (Red) Kirk as her partner, Evan received a request from InDIGO to be fitted for an experimental field suit, outfitted with high-tech surveillance devices and state of the art body armor. After her fitting, months passed before Evan heard anything more about the suit, and she had given up hope of it ever being produced.

Kirk and Evan are suddenly called to Paris to follow a lead on a fashion designer, Anton Hrevic, where Evan is surprised to find that she will be field-testing the suit for the first time. And even more of a surprise, she discovers the top-secret suit is actually the perfect Little Black Dress.