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What Did You Expect?

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This story is based on a comic book!

That’s what I had to remind myself as I watched Man of Steel this week. I really liked the movie. I did. My one complaint was that there were several moments that strained credibility, but then I remembered that the main character and his nemesis could fly. Oh yeah—Superman.

That’s really the point of every genre of story-telling. Know the audience.

Anyone who pays upwards of ten bucks for a ticket to see a movie based on a comic book should expect a few convenient coincidences. One paying to see a zombie movie will expect a few undead scares. A western should provide a great scene with horses, trains and pistols.

Nobody who pays for a Regency romance wants to see an alien invasion in the climax of the film. If you’re a fan of apocalyptic sci-fi, you probably don’t have any patience for talking kittens in the story. Not unless it’s revealed that cats are the true cause of the apocalypse, and they’ve always been able to talk. But then again, hasn’t that idea been done to death.

When I watch a horror movie, I spend half of the film waiting for the hand to reach up from out of the grave, or the walls to bleed, or something like that. I’m not there for the deep intellectual commentary on the differences between men and women in relationships.

All that said, I have to get back to Man of Steel. I liked that the writers added depth to the bond between Clark Kent and his parents. I like that they did away with Lois Lane’s silly, “I can’t see the OBVIOUS similarities between Clark Kent and Superman.” And I loved the little (almost minuscule) nod to Lex Luthor—when Zod and Kal are fighting, Zod throws a tanker truck emblazoned with a LEXCORP logo. Sequel? I thinks so.

I’ve seen lots of critics bashing the summer lineup of movies. It’s their job, I suppose. They have to see all genres, and some of them just don’t like superheroes or westerns or zombies or romances or whatever. I like the sites that not only give reviews by professional critics, but also by movie-lovers.

It means a lot more to me that someone devoted to Star Trek movies enjoyed the latest installment than someone who had to see the movie as part of his job. If I’m spending the money on a movie, I want it to fulfill my expectations—not necessarily those of a critic.

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.

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A Little More Action

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This is the beginning of my favorite movie season. As Summer begins, lights, camera, action takes on a whole new meaning.
Cars race, super-heroes triumph, space ships launch, and rivals face off. It is time for some action, and I love it.

Now maybe it is because I am the only woman in a house full of men. Maybe it is because so many of the chick flicks these days are overly formulaic. Whatever the reason, I have become somewhat addicted to the action movie.
I loved Iron Man 3, and I will be seeing Star Trek Into Darkness as soon as possible. I cannot wait for the Lone Ranger and Man of Steel as well.
Click to see and purchase!   Click to see and purchase!   Click to see and purchase!   Click to see and purchase!

I love the rush of adrenaline as the story races at a staggering pace to a climax. Let’s face it, I’m forty-five, have a desk job and live in a rural area on the high plains. I don’t really have many adrenaline rushes in my life these days. There are a few horses in my neighborhood, but very few spaceships and even fewer super-heroes (unless you count my in-laws, who are pretty amazing.)
While I do look forward to plenty of lazy days in the summer shade, I definitely plan to spend plenty of time in the cool theatre enjoying some white-hot action.
What action movies are you most excited about this summer?
That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.

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It’s a Classic!

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The hair, the gowns, the iconic lines—classic movies have set the standard over the years for the very definition of glamour.

Think about the trends of the day. Lace is trendy, and so are tailored suits and pocket squares. Look at the shoes!

Consider the movies in theatres now. Blockbusters include superheroes, cowboys, and science fiction. It’s like we’ve jumped back to the 1950’s—in a good way.

On Facebook, one of my favorite new pages is The Old Hollywood Glamour Geeks Society. It posts photos and movie clips that make me swoon daily. Yes, I said swoon. Whenever I need a Cary Grant fix, they’re there for me.

There are books galore, really great books, that reminisce about days gone by. Some include trivia questions that will make you look like a film buff. Others help you get that perfect Hollywood style in your dress, hair or makeup.

Plan a glam summer. Get that Grace Kelly or Cary Grant look integrated into your own personal look. Memorize a few classic movie lines. Enjoy!

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.