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Interview with AllAuthor

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Kim Black latest interview by AllAuthor Kim Black started working toward writing full-time about ten years ago. Kim Black knows how to create believable characters and develop a story that keeps you going until the very last page. Writing “Little Black Dress” was a long but joyous experience for her. She spends lots of time with my family and close friends, and her intrepid bodyguard, Archie. Read full interview…

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Writing is an Act of Faith

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Goals for the New Year

As 2016 came to a close, I set a few goals for 2017. Not necessarily resolutions, but writing goals. And they were not overly lofty goals. Mostly just about fixing storylines in old manuscripts to get them ready to publish. And then in January, something happened. The publisher of my first novel emailed that he was going out of business. And if I wanted to keep my novel in print, I needed to get it published myself. I had a lot to do.

Deadlines Loomed

My rights reverted back to me on March 1, 2017. I scrambled. I had never indie-published a novel before. I have a great friend who has, so I leaned heavily on her, and on the advice of others who’d taken that path before. Not only did I want to get Lydia, Woman of Purple re-released, but I also wanted to release another novel based on a Biblical figure, Mary of Bethany. I had the manuscript nearly through final edits, I knew what I wanted my cover to look like, and I knew the basics of getting it published. I decided that March 1st would be a double book launch. But could I do it?

I edited. I called in favors. I purchased ISBNs. I formatted. I worked hard. I even built two devotional workbooks for my novels. And I prayed. A lot.

And God Listened

That’s the only way it happened. The Lord helped me in my time of need. He worked to get my cover art together just in time. He helped me get my final fixes in place before the last minute. The day arrived, and I scrambled. I got my Facebook event up and invited 500 friends. My Amazing Faith Quadruple Book Launch was now a thing.

And it all came together. Lydia, Woman of Purple and the Devotional Study Guide was available on along with Her Most Precious Gift and that Devotional Study Guide. Was it easy? Nope. Was it perfect? Not even close. But it happened, and I give thanks to God for giving me the strength and the friends to get me through.

But Wait, There’s More!

What’s next? Well, I have two more children’s book in illustrations right now, and I hope to have them released soon. AND… my Little Black Dress spy novel is getting close, with at least two sequels and two prequels on its heels. I have faith that this is all going to happen. So it turns out that 2017 will be a big year. It already is.

Have any questions or comments? I’d love to hear from you. And if I can help you with your indie-publishing situation, please shoot me an email! I’ll help however I can.


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Starting the New Year with the Best Book

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Living Write in 2017

It’s January 2nd, and I’m working hard to make this year better than the last. I had high hopes for 2016, most of which turned out less-than-stellar. But I have been working on my writing craft more, and that includes reading (and listening to, via Audible) more books.

I’ve been focused on POWER WORDS after a great workshop in September. Power words are those little nouns, verbs, and the occasional adjectives that give the sentence punch. Where are they placed in the sentence? Where will they be the most effective? Is there something more precise and impactful?

Where Do I Find Inspiration?

This last year I’ve read or listened to books by some of my favorite local authors, as well as recent best-sellers such as Once a Crooked Man and Girl on the Train. I’ve also spent a great deal of time studying my favorite classic authors like Agatha Christie, Daphne DuMaurier, Raymond Chandler, and Dashiell Hammett. I watch how the words sound. How they are sewn together for a lovely tapestry. The feelings evoked. Most of the classic authors had a gift that many of their contemporaries have yet to embrace.

I would be remiss to exclude my biggest inspiration, though. The Good Book. The number one bestseller of all time tops that list for a reason. It’s not only about faith or religion. The Holy Bible is filled with a message of hope. It includes the most murderous villains, the most humble heroes, and thousands of stories of intrigue, history, wisdom, and truth.

And Power Words…

Just as my September workshop instructor showed me a great process for discovering power words, my best friend and I have spent a little time last year Bible Journaling. We find a verse that stands out with whatever we may be dealing at the time, and then we re-write it, in an artistic way, in the margin. We focus on those power words in the verse. We illustrate what they mean to us. I began this morning with a verse that has always been precious to me. (Power words italicized by me.)

Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.

This is a powerful message for me because I am a control freak. I often want to design the plot– as a writer, it’s kinda what I do– and then I get frustrated when others go off-script. This wisdom reminds me that God sees the big picture and not just this chapter that I’m in right now. That if I will respond with faith instead of resisting, I’ll have a more direct path to the success the Lord has established for me. And that is powerful.

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Hello, February!

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hello FebFebruary begins at midnight, and you know what that means – all of our New Year’s Resolutions have become distant memories, well beyond our reach.  🙂 This seems like the perfect time to take up new challenges (or refresh old ones) and get motivated once again.

I will be participating in the Women’s Fiction Writers Association “Write-a-Thin” as well as the #AuthorLifeMonth Instagram Challenge. My goal for the WFWA W-a-T is that I finish revising one of my manuscripts, and have it ready to go into my editor’s hands by the end of the month. That’s a big deal, but I feel as though it’s not out of reach. The Instagram Challenge may be a little more difficult for me because I forget to take and post pictures.

To avoid over-sharing, I tend to become reclusive. I’m a natural introvert. A homebody. Give me a book or movie (and coffee or chocolate) and I’m good for hours. I don’t do many selfies. I’d much rather post a picture of my dogs or cats. It’s not that I’m embarrassed about what I look like, I’m just not a great selfie-taker. So this will be a challenge for me, and I sincerely hope that it will not only improve my photo skills but also improve my attitude about it.

So I’m asking for your help in this. I have a list of subjects to use as a guide for the Instagram challenge, but I will need a little encouragement. So if you’re on Instagram please follow me and show me a little love. I promise I will do my best to follow back. My handle is kimblackink and you can click HERE for my Instagram profile. Thanks in advance.