Little Black Dress is the new light suspense/ thriller by Kim Black. Set in Paris in the very near future, former fashion model-turned covert agent Evan Tyler meets her team in an effort to infiltrate the estate of rising star designer, Anton Hrevic, and his harem of muses. It seems Hrevic is using his models to seduce and manipulate world leaders through blackmail.

Evan and the other InDIGO (International Discretionary Intelligence Gathering Organization) agents will use the newest secret weapon, the Little Black Dress, to foil the villains. The LBD is created with state-of-the-art surveillance capabilities, integrated body-armor, and cutting-edge communication and defense equipment. Best of all, it’s the latest in haute couture.

Little Black Dress is available to preorder for the March 8 release. But for a sneak peek, CLICK HERE FOR CHAPTER ONE!

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