The Man Who Knows So Much

How do you get the best gig in show business? It’s not by being the best actor. It’s not by being the best singer of all time. It’s not by being the best looking man to walk the planet. Jimmy Fallon is a great comedic actor, he can sing just about whatever you put before him, and he’s a handsome man who knows how to wear a sharp suit. But what really sets him apart from so many is the way he shares his heart.

He debuted this week as the new host of the Tonight Show, and what a first night he had. His tear-toned pre-monologue included a gracious nod to his parents in the audience, mentions of his wife and infant daughter, thanks to his house band, The Roots, as well as his buddy and co-host, Steve Higgins. He thanked the legends who had hosted before him, and thanked the the many people who had given him the foundation for his ever-expanding career.

Jimmy Fallon knows the secret to success, and he shares it every night. He has a profound gratitude for where he is and what he has been given. He shows amazing respect and appropriate awe for his guests. He laughs at himself, and helps others do the same.

He asked of his first guest, Will Smith, advice about how to handle the pressure of his new job. Smith told him that as long as he keeps it about helping others, he would do fine. That’s it. Perhaps that is why both Smith and Fallon have enjoyed such acclaim.

Jimmy Fallon has a huge following on social media. He utilizes Twitter every week for his show, and has made the #hashtag the new black. His buddy, Justin Timberlake, often appears in skits and videos with him to create this generation’s dynamic duo.

To show how ingrained gratitude is in his life, one of Fallon’s best bits is his Friday night “Thank You Notes” routines. He takes a few moments each week to show his appreciation.


He has even compiled his collection of Thank You Notes into two volumes.


Click to see and purchase!Click to see and purchase!Click to see and purchase!

Yes, there might be a smidgen of “who you know” and “right place at the right time” within the recipe of Fallon’s achievement, but what I see is a kind man who considers and appreciates his guests and his audience above his own ego. A man like that always seems to be in good graces with the “right” people and positioned in the “right places” at the “right times.”

Fallon is a great role model for others involved in entertainment, because he cares and serves, and doesn’t take any of it too seriously.Under his twitter account, @jimmyfallon, he offers this personal description: astrophysicist. Maybe not, but he is a man who knows his stuff. #falpals

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Films We Hate to Love

This week I was taking a quick break from work to check my twitter feed when I caught a glimpse of this:

NF tweet capture

Mr. Fillion’s confession got me thinking. How many of us have that one movie (or whole collection) that we know everyone seems to hate, but we LOVE? I would bet everyone has a few.

It’s the one we pop into the DVD player—it’s so unpopular it may never go to Blu-ray—whenever we’re alone. It’s the one that keeps you from sharing your top ten favorites with others because there is always the chance that someone will laugh.

Maybe it’s the acting. Maybe it’s the ridiculous premise. Maybe the casting—or all of the above.

For Fillion’s courage, I expect he’ll have a few tweets with farcical condescension. He is smart to head off his detractors at the pass. By tweeting as he did, he’s labeled his non-13th Warrior-loving fans as haters, which nobody wants to be. He’s acknowledged the fact that not everybody loves the same movies. And I’m willing to bet that he has just prompted the sale of a dozen (or a few hundred) copies of the movie to younger fans who’ve never seen the picture. Click to see and purchase!

Probably they’ll love it. It is based on the novel Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton, which touches on the themes of Beowulf; the epic poem just about everyone is required to read in high school. This new audience may find it a little slow, maybe tedious, and they may even have a little trouble with the climax and ending, but that’s okay. Nathan Fillion warned them that there were haters, and if he likes it—well, that’s good enough for them. Click to see and purchase! Click to see and purchase!


What is your guilty pleasure movie? I’d tell you mine, but you’d just laugh!

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