YA – Sci-Fi – Western

Shooting Stars Traveling Circus is a science-fiction tale of a young girl and her brother who are forced to leave Earth when the government attempts to confiscate their horses. To keep one step ahead of the law, Annie and Cody Birchfield decide the best way to earn a living is to use their talents – riding, roping, shooting, and singing – to bring attention to the corruption that has overtaken Earth, before Authority’s iron fist takes hold of the whole galaxy. This novel would appeal to anyone who enjoys sci-fi, westerns, and young adult adventures.

Episode One:  I’ll Fly Away

Episode Two: Get the Show on the Road

Episode Three: Singing for Supper

Episode 4: Take the Money and Run

Episode 5: Show Me the Way

Episode 6: Tall Dark Stranger

Episode 7: One Trick Pony

Episode 8: Blow Up

Episode 9: Won’t Back Down

Episode 10: Doin’ What Comes Naturally

Episode 11: Suspicious Minds

Episode 12: Pistol Packin’ Mama