A Letter to My Friend, Steve

Dear friend,

I know you are a big fan of movies based on John Grisham books, as well as a Serenity lover and a card-carrying Trekkie! But, Steve, look at where all of this action and adventure has landed you!

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You’re in a hospital bed recovering from a heart attack—and not your first, if I may remind you. Listen to me closely. You have to take all this excitement down a notch.

This over-abundance of edge-of-your-seat suspense is wearing you down. You’ve seen too much courtroom drama, watched too many car chases, space battles, and shoot outs.You’ve got to start taking it easy and get some rest.

I know it’s tough, buddy, especially with the new Star Trek Into Darkness coming out in just a few weeks, but you just have to make some changes in your life. Think about it. With a fiery red-headed wife and seven (plus) kids—not to mention your adorable grandkids—don’t you have enough real adventure every day?

Instead of watching Captain Malcolm Reynolds battle reavers and blue hands, put in a DVD of Father Knows Best. You’ll get that same sense of “family,” but the dinner-time banter is on a tamer level. Rather than watching the hard-hitting A Time To Kill, you could enjoy a couple of hours of Night Court. You get to keep the courtroom setting, but with a little silliness sprinkled in.

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click to see and purchaseThese are just a few suggestions, Steve, because I love you and would hate for you to suffer any more pain. And don’t worry, my friend, I’ll be sure to watch the new Star Trek movie for you!

Steve CTake care, Steve–

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.

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