Gimme the Clicker!

I don’t do much channel surfing. We used to have cable service, and then we moved to the country. We tried satellite for a while, but reception was never perfect. We bore the cost of hundreds of channels and always seemed to land on the same dozen shows. Today we just have a great antenna. We also enjoy web encores and Netflix streaming whenever we can.

Channels are limited, but it doesn’t seem to diminish the desire to take charge of the remote control. What kind of “clicker” are you?

My husband is like a strobe. He can jump from one channel to the next before the HD picture has a chance to fill in every pixel. My youngest son takes after him.

I take a slower approach. I want to know what I’m rejecting before I pass. There are a few shows that I refuse to watch, and as soon as I identify them, I move on.

If I don’t recognize a program, I want to see what it’s all about. I want to see who the players are. I want to discover what the premise or plot is about. I know, by the time I figure out that I’m not interested, the amazing new show on the next channel is half over.

My husband is much more efficient at finding the best show quickly. It’s true. I like to imagine, however, that I find the best series overall.

Do you flash up and down the schedule? Do you study the programs? When you get the controller, do you flaunt your power by adjusting the volume? Do you fine-tune each picture for color and clarity? Are you a dictator or a beneficent leader? Is there a clicker-coup whenever you leave the remote unattended? How does your family watch movies on TV? Let me hear!

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.

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