How Can He Return?


I know what you’re thinking. How can The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra come back for a third film after what happened at the end of The Lost Skeleton Returns Again? Spoiler Alert: it’s not really conducive to sequels.

Click to see and purchase! Click to see and purchase!


Well, with the help of Dr.Neesha Krome, played by the AMAZINGLY hilarious Alison Martin, the maniacal skull not only finds legs, but a home in suburbia from whence he can plan complete world domination.

You have no idea what I’m talking about? Bless your heart.

Here’s what to do! Watch the first two movies in this wonderfully concocted homage to/ spoof of B Movies of the 50’s and 60’s (links embedded in the movie pics above). Then JUMP HERE to help fund the Kick-Starter Campaign for The Lost Skeleton Walks Among Us! Do it right now!

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