How to Launch Two Books at Once (Or Four)

Publishing Your Own Book is Lots of Work

A few years ago, I worked with a small publishing house and had Lydia, Woman of Purple published. I had already self-pubbed a children’s book, Pockets, and was ready for the BIG TIME. since then, I’ve been writing frantically to get a few more projects finished, edited, and ready for publication. I’ve weighed my options and decide to return to indie release for a number of reasons. It takes a lot of time and tears to get something as perfect as humanly possible. And just when I think I have my second Historical Christian Fiction project ready… my Lydia publisher informs me that he’s closing up shop, and I’ll have my rights back March 1st. So if I want to keep it available, I need to get it re-released. Lots to do. I fixed the typos that slipped by the first time, as well as a few other little blips. I commissioned new cover art. I formatted. I reviewed. I reviewed again, and again.

It’s a Little Like Having Twins

I don’t have twins, but I like to equate birthing two books at once with that experience. Only without the pain and screaming. Well, there has been both pain and screaming, so maybe it is similar. I figure if I’m formatting and reviewing one, I can probably do another at the same time, right? Oh, and while I’m at it, I’ll add a devotional study guide for each book, too. That’s four at once. Maybe I’ve lost my mind. But I had two full novels written and edited, and the study questions for one finished, all I need is the study guide for the second book. I figure I can use the copy from the first as a template for the second.

The Process is the Thing

  1. Gather the edited manuscripts.
  2. Paste them into notepad to strip formatting.
  3. Copy and paste them (one chapter/section at a time) into the CreateSpace templates. I use CreateSpace.
  4. Assign each MS an ISBN. I get mine from Bowker.
  5. Submit the interiors for review, and work on the cover.
  6. Submit the cover. Wait for approval.
  7. Work on pricing, distribution, and all the little details.
  8. Repeat all these processes for each book. You can sort of turn it into an assembly line if you have it all ready.
  9. Plan your launch party. Mine will be a virtual Facebook launch.
  10. ENJOY your success! You did it!

Okay, so the biggest part of the job is the writing and editing that goes into the work in the first place. Learning the publication process is a bit difficult to start, but gets smoother as you go. That’s why the assembly line works so well; you don’t have time to forget how to do it.

And Away We Go!

Thus begins my Quadruple Book Launch on March 1, 2017. If you want to join my book launch party, please visit my Facebook page by CLICKING HERE!

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