Little Black Dress Wins!

I got an email last night. It took me three tries to read it, because I instantly got tears in my eyes and couldn’t breathe. The email said, “Congratulations! …Your book ‘Little Black Dress’ was chosen as the solo ‘Medalist Winner’ in the E-Book Mystery Category of our Fifth Annual New Apple Indie Book Awards!”

Prizes include social media announcements, award certificates, press releases, and medallions for book covers. I was shaking for at least an hour.

I’ve spent today creating graphics, making a few announcements, and updating social media accounts. This means a little more work– in some ways– but the benefits outweigh any trouble.

If you haven’t read Little Black Dress, the LBD Project, Book 1, <= here’s a link. I hope you enjoy it and leave a kind, honest review. And don’t forget that the rest of the books in the trilogy, Red Heels and Bare Essentials, are also available. Just click the titles for the links!

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