Save the Date!

           Spring is in the air, and it’s time to get ready for the blockbuster movie season. A brand new slate of romantic comedies and wedding films is in queue, including Bridesmaids, Jumping the Broom, and Something Borrowed. I can almost hear the men moaning. Chick flicks are everywhere right now.

            You guys have a couple options: you can refuse to take your darling women to see these girlie movies, you can suggest they enjoy a girls’ night out with their friends OR you can take them out for a romantic date. Before you decide, allow me to offer a little friendly advice.

            Very shortly, the theatre marquees will fill with action movie titles. You’ll want to see Michael Bay’s explosions, Justin Lin’s car chases, Todd Phillips’ next Hangover, and all the monsters and super-heroes you can pack into one summer. You don’t want to see these alone, do you? If you refuse to watch a chick flick with her, you’re giving her an excuse not to watch something with you.

            As for the girls’ night out, use this suggestion sparingly. If she has more fun going out with her girls, you risk losing your place next to her. If you aren’t a bibliophile, I recommend using it for period movies like Jane Eyre. For some of you, it’s the musical or the documentary. We know if you especially hate a particular style of film, and most of us don’t really want to torture you.

            To be honest, most gals enjoy a well-placed explosion or intense car chase. Super-heroes are super, buccaneers are brilliant, cowboys kick it, and aliens abduct our imaginations! All we want is a little romance stirred into the mix.

            Let me tell you, I know how most men feel about romantic comedies. My two boys see a movie poster, trailer, or DVD cover and begin.

             “So the guy meets the girl and they like each other. Then, they have some mix up, and the guy does something stupid and then they hate each other. Then they discover that they need each other, and the man has to beg for the woman’s forgiveness. She takes him back and they live happily ever after. Right?”

            We know it’s predictable. We know that the end will be happy. We like that. We just want you to be sitting next to us. The leading man has nothing on you—you’re real. You care. And you would never do that ridiculous thing he did forty-eight minutes into the film.

            I find that a little give-and-take offers the chance to bond. I’m not one to count brownie-points, but every woman appreciates a man who makes an effort.

            Movies present a multitude of opportunities to learn about each other. We can talk about the stories, the characters, the special effects, cinematography, costumes or whatever. The perfect date—how romantic.

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema! Thanks for reading!

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