Shooting Stars Traveling Circus Launching Soon

My new novel, Shooting Stars Traveling Circus is a YA, sci-fi Western. What? I know. But did you ever see Firefly? If so, it’s a tad like that. If not, you should.

I was inspired to write the story by several of my favorite Annie Oakley quotes, as well as a few wise words from Thomas Jefferson and the like. Other inspiration came from the many performers in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

The future is bleak. Authority controls everything from weapons and food to music and pets.  What animals haven’t gone extinct are highly regulated and targeted for confiscation.

Annie Birchfield is a tough seventeen-year-old, fighting for what’s hers. After a deadly run-in with Authority, she and her older brother, Cody, must take their beloved but contraband horses off-Earth to save their lives.

Barely a step ahead of the law, Annie discovers that her God-given talents may provide the funds for their journey and inspire an army to fight the oppression. Their rebellious escape not only exposes Authority’s tyrannical over-reach but ignites a galaxy-wide uprising.

Stay tuned for more info, as well a released date!

a portion of a song performed by Annie Birchfield

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