Ziva’s Farewell

I’m a little distraught today. I know it’s just a TV show, but I’m having a hard time dealing with the news that NCIS will return this September without my favorite character, Ziva David.

Actress Cote De Pablo will return to the series only long enough to finish her story line, and then will be leaving the cast of CBS’s popular drama.

I know I’m not the only one grieving the show’s loss. My Facebook and twitter feeds are filled with posts and links about the news. My friends are all speculating how Ziva’s tale will end.

Known for taking names and kicking butt, the fierce Israeli-born character faces just a few options. I’ve heard speculation that she might return to Israel and head up Mossad, but since Agent David became an American citizen, I think that option is highly unlikely.

Perhaps she will receive an assignment elsewhere. Could be, but her story-line has certainly not been moving that way. No, her character has been definitely moving toward DiNozzo, the oft-jealous bachelor and Very Special Agent in her life. How will he carry on without her?

Thus my distress. You see, NCIS is famous (or infamous) for killing off characters—even main characters. I still feel ill when I think about Kate’s last scene. I twinge whenever I think about Mike Franks, Jenny Shepard, and Agent Pacci. I was over-wrought when Jackie Vance was killed alongside Eli David.

Why do I get like this? It’s just TV. In a few months the NCIS team will have a new member, and I’ll watch. I love this show for its beautiful way with story-telling. The strength of the characters is uplifting. The determination and strong sense of justice is unusual these days. After a decade, the series hasn’t lost its steam or direction. Just another wonderful character. We will miss you, Ziva.

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.

Alexander Hamilton is Hot

“Look at this, Mom! Alexander Hamilton looks like the guy from Terra Nova.”

I took a quick look at the crisp ten dolHamilton_thumb.jpglar bill I was about to use to pay for pizza, and found that, indeed, Jason O’Mara does bear a strong resemblance to the United States’ first Secretary of Treasury.



O’Mara and Alexander Hamilton from a ten dollar bill.

In recent years we’ve had movies about Lincoln, Washington and Adams, but not much has been presented about the man who died in a pistol duel at the hand of Jefferson’s former Vice President, Aaron Burr. Perhaps when I’m finished with the novels I’m working on, I’ll begin a screenplay about Hamilton’s story. With Irish actor, Jason O’Mara, my preferred lead for the cast, of course.

Jason O’Mara is hot right now—not only in looks, either. He is super-talented and in-demand. He currently plays the younger brother, Deputy Jack Lamb, to Dennis Quaid’s Sherriff Ralph Lamb on CBS’ Vegas. Last year he played Joe Morelli in One For the Money, an adaptation of the popular Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich. He also took the lead as Jim Shannon in Fox’s Terra Nova.


If you’re not watching Vegas, you should be. It’s for anyone who likes cowboys, mobsters, and smart women. It’s got a meaty story set in retro Nevada. The cast is top-notch and the fashion and set design are impeccable.

I predict that O’Mara’s star will only continue to rise. He skillfully handles a leading role as well as meshing nicely into an ensemble. He’s tough enough to be a man’s man and funny and sensitive enough to endear the women.

I wonder how he feels about powdered wigs…

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.


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