You Might Be a Writer If…

You might be a writer if…2015-04-21 15.42.30

  • When you see a picturesque sunset, you wonder about the best way to describe it.
  • You eavesdrop on the couple in the next booth for good story/ dialog ideas.
  • You refuse to retweet or share a friend’s post that contains spelling or grammar errors.
  • When you hear a strange noise, you wonder how to spell it as onomatopoeia.
  • You have a 10,000 Baby Names book in your reference library.
  • You own an antique typewriter (or three) that you’ve never used.
  • Your friends don’t think it’s weird for you to discuss different weapons or poisons while you’re at their dinner party.
  • You have cried over the death of a fictional character.
  • You’ve ever had a conversation with six different people all by yourself.
  • Writing a 350 page novel sounds like fun, but the idea of writing a one page query letter for that novel makes you break out in hives.

Need Coffee…

Hey, friends! If you visit here often, you may have noticed a few changes in the look of my site. Simpler layout, easier navigation, and more fun– those are my goals. I’m looking for some feedback from you all on ways to improve and offer you a better experience when you drop in.

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A Woman Like Lydia

The Biblical account of Lydia’s story (Acts 16) is very lean on details, but what is there has always raised several questions in my mind, not only about her, but about Paul, Silas, Timothy and Luke, as well. As I studied deeper, I was moved to research the Philippian culture, the types of dyes a trader of purple might sell, as well as what a fortune-telling slave-girl might be like.

     What I found in my research was that Lydia’s situation was very similar to what many women today face. She was independent, a business woman, and a leader in her community. She had to “keep the faith” while facing a culture that seemed to oppose her beliefs at every turn.
 Lydia Cover
     I felt my heart nudged to write about this amazing woman, in hopes of encouraging all the amazing women I know around me, who face opposition on a daily basis and still manage to stay strong and inspire others.
     Click below for a link to both the paperback and e-book.
God bless!