You Might Be a Writer If…

You might be a writer if…2015-04-21 15.42.30

  • When you see a picturesque sunset, you wonder about the best way to describe it.
  • You eavesdrop on the couple in the next booth for good story/ dialog ideas.
  • You refuse to retweet or share a friend’s post that contains spelling or grammar errors.
  • When you hear a strange noise, you wonder how to spell it as onomatopoeia.
  • You have a 10,000 Baby Names book in your reference library.
  • You own an antique typewriter (or three) that you’ve never used.
  • Your friends don’t think it’s weird for you to discuss different weapons or poisons while you’re at their dinner party.
  • You have cried over the death of a fictional character.
  • You’ve ever had a conversation with six different people all by yourself.
  • Writing a 350 page novel sounds like fun, but the idea of writing a one page query letter for that novel makes you break out in hives.

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