The Barton family is known for their money and the tragedy it brings them.  Their fortune grew during the first World War, but shortly after, the Barton’s two-year-old twins were kidnapped.  When the police botched the ransom drop, the criminals sped violently away, tumbling their car before it burst into flames.
One of the toddlers, James, was thrown from the car—crippling his leg, but the other boy, John, was never recovered from the wreckage.  Now, 30 years later, the Barton riches have protected the family through the Great Depression and World War II, but not from the greed of others.

James Barton has returned from Europe, to his mother, Miriam, and his family home, to prepare for his upcoming wedding to socialite Evelyn Baines.  As society reporter, India Darling, visits the Barton estate to cover the nuptials, she meets James for the first time, and is stunned to see that he is the mirror reflection of her boss and editor, Eddie Faber.  Compelling evidence is found that Eddie is actually James’ lost twin, and he is welcomed into the Barton family with open, trusting arms.

James and Evelyn make fast friends with Eddie and India, bringing them into their wedding plans, while Miriam Barton embraces her new-found son.

James quickly becomes enrapt with India’s innocence and sincerity, as well as beauty, and wrestles with his decision to wed Evelyn.  Before James has the chance to choose between the two women, Evelyn and India are kidnapped, and the Barton nightmare replays.  Miriam is panicked, but this time refuses to go to the police for help.

At the ransom drop, Evelyn is returned, but James is taken, and the kidnappers raise the stakes, insisting not only on the cash, but on Miriam’s heirloom jewels as well.

Will James and India be rescued? Will the family be spared another tragedy?

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