New Orleans-1814

Evaluating his life and accomplishments, the aging gentleman pirate, Jean Lafitte, is confronted with a life-changing decision when a British officer asks him to help the Royal fleet, gathering in the Gulf of Mexico, to capture New Orleans, thus controlling the entire Mississippi River and the young American republic.  He instead decides to take the British attack plans to the very Americans who want him imprisoned, and fight alongside them.

He allies himself and his crew with Colonel Andrew Jackson and his small army of Tennessee sharp-shooters to fight the British in the Battle of New Orleans—one of the most overwhelming victories, against all odds, in American history.

He and his men receive full pardons for all their past crimes in exchange for their service, as well as a warm welcome into New Orleans society, where Lafitte meets Georgeanne Lawson, a young widow of one of Jackson’s men.  Lafitte soon learns that Georgeanne conceals a pirate’s past as infamous and brutal as his own, and they share intimacies that no one else could understand. Afraid that her own secrets will be revealed by her association with Lafitte, Georgeanne leaves him to his new life.

Will a heart-broken Lafitte return to piracy? Will New Orleans society allow him to walk the straight and narrow path? Will he ever find love again?

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