The Skeleton Next Door

Anyone who follows my blog on a regular basis knows that I LOVE cheesy B movies from the 50’s and 60’s. You know how I adore silly monsters with visible zippers and wires. You know I revel in the oft-disconnected and stilted dialog that overreaches science-fact. (That’s why it’s called science-fiction, right?)

I also LOVE the movie makers—writers, directors, actors, crew—that love their projects and pour out their hearts and souls into their films. I am especially fond of one absurdly arrogant skeleton who happens to be bent on world domination.

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A few years ago I watched a film that changed my life. Really. The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra reminded me that family-friendly movies could still be made. That not all comedies revolved around bathroom humor. That special effects can still be special, even without state-of-the-art computer animation. It refreshed my perspective on what it means for a cast and crew to come together and have fun telling a ridiculous story for the pure entertainment of their audience.

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The sequel, Lost Skeleton Returns Again, followed up the homage/spoof with another fun jaunt into the silliness of writer/ director/ actor Larry Blamire’s world. Not only did he answer Animala’s Rock Dance with Chinfa’s Cantaloupe Dance (both of which I do on a regular basis), but he also assures us that even when you reach “the point of no return” you can pretty much “turn back anytime.”

When I heard that the Lost Skeleton was planning yet another take-over of the planet, my heart leapt for joy. Yes, a new Kick-Starter campaign has been launched to raise capital to fund the third installment, entitled The Lost Skeleton Walks Among Us!

So here is your assignment my faithful friends: First, grab a copy of both The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra and The Lost Skeleton Returns Again and watch them. I have included links on the pictures above. If you really want to be a teacher’s pet, invite everyone you know to your house and have a movie-watching party. (If you do this right, you can ask them to bring food, and then perhaps you won’t have to shop for groceries for another week.)

Next, visit HERE and make a pledge to help back the production of The Lost Skeleton Walks Among Us.

Third, share the page with all of your social network and remind them that if they really loved you, they would back the movie, too.

Lastly, share this blog post and mark your calendar for the premier. It’s going to be swell!

That’s a wrap for this special edition of Cinema Toast. Thanks for reading!

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