Too Attached, Maybe?

I have a problem. Like many people these days, I occasionally get a little too attached to the characters in my favorite TV shows and movies. When something bad happens to them, I get upset.

Last season on NCIS there was an episode where the Secretary of the Navy gets shot. Before knowing it was a set-up, I immediately began screaming at the TV. SecNav’s been shot! SecNav’s been shot! I needed a good nap after the NCIS season finale.

The same happened with the last season finale of Psych. Come on, people, you’re killing me.

The other night my husband and I watched the season premiere of Burn Notice. I worried for Sam Axe. I yelled at Jesse to hurry. I cheered on Maddie. I’m ridiculous.

I do the same thing with movie serials and books. When one of my favorites is injured or dies, I’m inconsolable.

This doesn’t happen with everything. It’s a phenomena associated with good writing. A great writer brings a story and the people in it, to life. The audience invests themselves because they feel the emotions and action. They like—or despise—the players. A good story rallies us. It grows us. It moves us.

They don’t have to be true stories. They must only carry truth to connect with us. Maybe I’m too attached. Maybe I just appreciate a good tale. I’d rather over-connect than sit through a ho-hum story any day.

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.

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