Watching and Watching Again

Whenever a sequel, prequel, third or fourth installment of a movie series comes out, I get the urge to refresh my memory of the past episodes by watching them again. I know I’m not the only one with this desire, because cable channels fill up with movie marathons every time a new Bond film is released.

We recently purchased M:I 4, Ghost Protocol on Blu-ray, and then realized that we didn’t have the first three chapters on disc. We purchased a trilogy set as well, and introduced the franchise to our boys, who were too young to watch the first one in 1996. (We actually pulled up the Mission: Impossible TV pilot from the ‘60’s on Netflix first. It was terrific.)

We re-watched Mission: Impossible as a family, and I discovered that I had forgotten a great deal of the story. I saw a few things that I missed from watching it before, but I suppose that’s how it always is.

Next my husband and I had a quiet night at home, so we watched M:I 2. I laughed as I heard myself say, “Are you sure we’ve seen this movie?”

I know we saw it when it first debuted in 2000, but I couldn’t remember much at all. There was enough to recall the basic story, but the details were fuzzy. I was worried.

Last week we watched M:I 3 again, and I had that same blurry feeling. I watched from the edge of my seat. I had no idea what was going to happen next. In six short years my mind had erased 90% of the movie. How rude. How fantastic.

All four of these movies are fun. The whole concept is an adventure, with twists and turns and double-agents and car chases and explosions and everything. My heart pounds faster when I watch these types of movies. My adrenaline surges. My imagination soars. My brain’s recording device shuts down completely.

It’s frustrating for a little while. How could I have forgotten THAT scene? But then I let go of the worry and allowed myself to enjoy the movie as though I were watching for the first time. The thrill returned. I recommend it.

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.


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