Writing for the Movies

After the amazing fun I experienced last November participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo~ 50,000 word novel in 30 days), I decided to get in on April’s Script Frenzy. It is a challenge to write a 100-page script (I’m writing a screenplay.) in 30 days.

I’ve written screenplays before, and I’ve done lots of research on what makes a good script. I study movies all the time.

I like the pace of writing screenplays. One page equals one minute on screen. It moves. I started writing my story last night and in 90 minutes, I had written eight pages.

Are they perfect? Nope. I didn’t say they were perfect. I said they were written. With a goal of 100 pages, I am now 8% finished. Yes, I’m a “glass is half full” kind of gal.

What will I do with this screenplay? Am I going to market it to Hollywood? Will George Clooney beg to play the lead?

The main character is a nineteen-year-old boy, so I hope Clooney isn’t too disappointed. No, I have always dreamed of making a movie. Thus, before I let any more of my life slip into a scrapbook, I’m going to do it.

I can’t tackle a project like this by myself, however. I have enlisted the help of my family and friends, and I will be building a campaign through indiegogo.com to raise a little capital.

What’s so special about my story? It’s based on a tale told to me by a family friend when I was just a kid. I recently invited him back out to my house for dinner, and he told the story again—knowing that I wanted to make it into a film. He told my family about a series of events that happened to him and to his friends when they were teenagers. Remarkably, the story hadn’t changed in decades. With as unbelievable as his account is, this fact impressed me. He always stresses that it’s just a story, but WOW! What a story it is.

It will require special effects. I happen to know a man that can do just about anything with smoke and mirrors. My movie will require some minor pyrotechnics. I have another friend who can blow up anything. Up to this point, I have not really seen the positive side of this, but this project might change my mind.

My husband and sons have, and regularly use, sound and video editing software. They are all artists with mad print and computer skills. My husband is also in construction, and can build whatever we don’t already have. We have a house and land that is very close to the locations where the original events actually occurred.

Finally, I have raised two sons who love to act. They have participated in plays and musicals at church and school. They are naturals. And they can take direction objectively. Along with a good friend and a precious niece, I have my cast.

With all of this in my corner, the task of writing becomes simple. I describe the people and the places. I tell what they are doing. I put words in their mouth. I leave out the boring parts and embroider in some action.

I’m excited. Can you tell?

I’ll keep you all posted as the month progresses!

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.

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