A Little More Action

This is the beginning of my favorite movie season. As Summer begins, lights, camera, action takes on a whole new meaning.
Cars race, super-heroes triumph, space ships launch, and rivals face off. It is time for some action, and I love it.

Now maybe it is because I am the only woman in a house full of men. Maybe it is because so many of the chick flicks these days are overly formulaic. Whatever the reason, I have become somewhat addicted to the action movie.
I loved Iron Man 3, and I will be seeing Star Trek Into Darkness as soon as possible. I cannot wait for the Lone Ranger and Man of Steel as well.
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I love the rush of adrenaline as the story races at a staggering pace to a climax. Let’s face it, I’m forty-five, have a desk job and live in a rural area on the high plains. I don’t really have many adrenaline rushes in my life these days. There are a few horses in my neighborhood, but very few spaceships and even fewer super-heroes (unless you count my in-laws, who are pretty amazing.)
While I do look forward to plenty of lazy days in the summer shade, I definitely plan to spend plenty of time in the cool theatre enjoying some white-hot action.
What action movies are you most excited about this summer?
That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.

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