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My blog is all about story-telling. It always has been.

I write. I must write. I cannot help it. For me, telling stories is the same as breathing—without it I will disappear.

I am very proud to announce that I have recently published my first children’s book. It is titled Pockets, and it is about a child who receives a pair of overalls from her mother. She discovers that her pockets are perfect for carrying all the treasures she finds on her adventures in the neighborhood. She also learns that her pockets can’t hold the most important treasures in the world, like smiles, sunshine, and her mother’s love.

Pockets makes me especially proud because it is illustrated by a wonderful artist, who just happens to be my son, Sean Black. Though you may not have heard of him yet, you will in the near future.

Please click on the picture to the left and purchase a copy. Email me for an autographed bookplate and I’ll send it right away! And then please jump to and leave me a review. Kind words are always appreciated!

I will be publishing several more children’s books and novels very soon. These are the things that make my Cinema Toast log possible! That’s a wrap! Thanks for reading!

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