It’s a Classic!

The hair, the gowns, the iconic lines—classic movies have set the standard over the years for the very definition of glamour.

Think about the trends of the day. Lace is trendy, and so are tailored suits and pocket squares. Look at the shoes!

Consider the movies in theatres now. Blockbusters include superheroes, cowboys, and science fiction. It’s like we’ve jumped back to the 1950’s—in a good way.

On Facebook, one of my favorite new pages is The Old Hollywood Glamour Geeks Society. It posts photos and movie clips that make me swoon daily. Yes, I said swoon. Whenever I need a Cary Grant fix, they’re there for me.

There are books galore, really great books, that reminisce about days gone by. Some include trivia questions that will make you look like a film buff. Others help you get that perfect Hollywood style in your dress, hair or makeup.

Plan a glam summer. Get that Grace Kelly or Cary Grant look integrated into your own personal look. Memorize a few classic movie lines. Enjoy!

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.

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