Bullied by My Remote Control

We live in the age of technology, so we must make peace with our gadgets. This statement is for my benefit. You just happen to be reading this.

I constantly struggle with my “stuff.”

My computer bullies me when I write. It tells me not to include hyphens when I want. It tells me to change the phrase “bad guy” to a more gender-neutral, less cliché term.

My remote controls bully me when I want to watch a movie. I have a sneaking suspicion that at night they all get together and switch duties. My primary conflict with them stems from the fact that they outnumber me. Residing on my coffee table at any given moment are at least seven remotes. They vary in size and shape. There is even one I call “the choking hazard” because of its tiny size.

One works our projector, one extends and retracts our screen, one operates the tuner, and one works the sound system. We have remotes for our movie players. We have controllers for our game consoles, as well.

They stare at me and taunt me. They dare me to watch a movie. Honestly, when I’m alone in my house, they usually win this psychological war.

But I LOVE watching movies.

God has given me a husband and sons that eat, sleep, and breathe technology. This is both a blessing and a curse. While they do understand how all of these gadgets work, they are the very reason that all of these electronics are in my house in the first place.

You must take my whining for what it is. I’m well aware that I “doth protest too much.” My family enjoys movies at home in near-theatre quality presentation. We invested in equipment that enables my addiction to cinema. I’m spoiled.

Thus, my mantra continues… we must make peace with our gadgets. I try to learn to operate them. I attempt to watch movies on my own. I usually get help from my son, even if it’s only coaching. We must make peace with our gadgets.

Movies are worth the trouble. They are worth the education. Do you think they offer a “Learning the Remote Control- 101” class at the local college? I have a feeling if they did, I wouldn’t be the only student attending.

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema! Thanks for reading!

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