Enjoy a Night Out

I had a great weekend. After a less-than-stellar week, my weekend was really good.It began Friday afternoon, when my Bestie and I left our husbands at home to watch Goldfinger, and we joined a group of ladies from church to see the new movie Mom’s Night Out.

Click to see and purchase!This little movie featuring Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Patricia Heaton and Trace Adkins was big-time wonderful. It’s a story about a trio of tired mom’s (at various stages of motherhood) trying to relieve a little stress and find a slice of joy by stepping away from parenting for one night. Of course, nothing goes as planned, and that’s when the fun starts. We all (everyone in the theatre) laughed, cried, applauded, cheered, and swallowed our hearts as they crept up our throats in the poignant moments.

I identified with several of the characters. I’ve heard myself (or my family members) saying the exact same things as the characters in the film. I have felt invisible at times—especially to the automated paper-towel dispensers. I have felt as though nobody heeds my incredibly insightful (and usually wrong) advice. I have felt less than adequate at just about everything I’ve ever tried to do in life. And so do the characters.

The theme of the film is that being a Mom is important. Nobody is perfect, but there is joy in the journey, when you take a breath and examine what wonders you really have in your life. Moms make a difference.

This message is what kicked-off my weekend. So Saturday I cleaned my house, ran a few errands with my wonderful husband, and then went to my gorgeous niece’s engagement party. Mother’s Day Sunday I saw my amazing Daddy installed as one of the new elders at my church, then had lunch with my mom and dad, sister and niece, and all three of my kids. Sunday afternoon my kids watched a cheesy sci-fi movie ala MST3K with me, and I had a sweet visit with my beautiful mother-in-law.

I finished up my weekend by meeting with our mission team as we prepare for our summer trip to Ukraine. Yes, I’m going with a team to summer camp in Ukraine to love on some kids. Am I crazy? Don’t I know there’s civil unrest and a possible Russian invasion going on over there?

Click to see and purchase!Yes, I know all of these things, Maybe I am crazy. But I also know that showing love to kids – kind of like being a mom – is important. I know I’m not perfect, but I can hug and praise and serve kids. I can share some joy. I can take a rest from my everyday life and share the wonders I have in my life. I can make a difference in a place that needs a little peace and compassion right now.

Yeah, Mom’s Night Out is just a movie. But it’s a movie with a message that speaks to so many of the fears and joys of motherhood. That’s what great movies do best. They feed us.

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.

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