Identity Crisis-When Your Biggest Fan Becomes Your Enemy

With the start of the new year, I thought another guest post by Elisha Cheeseman was in order! Her take on her favorite movies is always inspiring and motivating– just what we need for 2013! Today’s blog is based on the 2004 animated feature, The Incredibles.


Buddy. The name sounds like trust and friendship. Not for Mr. Incredible.

Buddy started out like any kid, he was part of Mr. Incredible’s fan club and knew all the trivia and facts about him. He was also an inventor in his own right but he was confused about his own life.

He told Mr. Incredible, “You always say be true to yourself but you never say which self to be true to. Well, I have finally figured it out; I am your ward, Incrediboy.”

Needless to say, Buddy was devastated when Mr. Incredible didn’t share the same conclusion as Buddy did. One can only speculate the reason Buddy acted the way he did because there was little background story on him.

One can assume either he felt connected to his hero in some way or he was severely unhappy with his own life. Either way, we’ll never know. The biggest fact is that Buddy, who renamed himself Syndrome when he became the villain, was still unhappy because he wanted revenge on Mr. Incredible for disappointing him so much.

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The only one to blame was perhaps Buddy himself. Although he knew all the trivial facts about his idol, he neglected to take into consideration that Mr. Incredible was more than the sum of trivia Buddy knew about him, Mr. Incredible was also all the things that only his closest loved ones could see.

Buddy could have done so much with his inventions, but because he let his hero’s rejection of him weigh so much, he was filled with bitterness.

We all have a choice in life, not just in what we do but how we see ourselves and other people.


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