Keep Moving Forward

With the start of the new year, I thought a guest post by Elisha Cheeseman was in order! Her take on her favorite movies is always inspiring and motivating– just what we need for 2013! Today’s blog is based on the 2007 animated feature, Meet the RobinsonsElisha

What kind of confidence is built during easy times? To answer that, let’s Meet the Robinsons, or better yet, Lewis.

He is a smart kid, an inventor who makes mistakes which he takes too personally. His greatest wish is a place to belong; a family. His attempts to impress potential parents backfire; leading to a drop in confidence when his inventions fail.

The only way to build his confidence was a stranger willing to take a chance on him and literally show him what the future can hold for him. He just had to keep moving forward with the realization that he learned the most with failures and not successes.


He learned that determination was a choice and with that powerful choice, he also could build his own future and it could very well be what he saw as he traveled through that time machine. A good future is a matter of making the right choices, not letting mistakes define who you are, learning from them and keeping moving forward.


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