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Immerse Yourself in Little Black Dress, Now in Audio Book!

Little Black Dress, the LBD Project, Book 1 is now available on audio book!

I’m thrilled to announce that my award-winning book will be narrated by the talented Lilian Wouters. Her voice is the personification of Agent Evan Tyler as well as the entire cast of LBD.

With her amazing gifts, Wouters is also in the production stage of Red Heels, the LBD Project, Book 2, and the third book, Bare Essentials, will follow.

Lilian Wouters

Thanks for purchasing the audio book of Little Black Dress. Please be sure to leave an honest (and kind) review!

Every woman’s secret weapon is her little black dress, but for fashion model-turned covert agent, Evan Tyler, her weaponized wardrobe makes her absolutely deadly. 

Infiltrating the Paris couture scene, Tyler and her team level their sights on Anton Hrevic, a rising star designer who, along with his muse-models, seems intent on espionage and world manipulation. Wearing the high-tech and top-secret Little Black Dress, Tyler uses both her God-given and government-granted assets to learn the truth behind Hrevic’s celebrity parties and uncover secrets that could unravel the global economy.

Little Black Dress, The LBD Project Series, book one is the 2018 New Apple Literary Solo Medalist winner for E-Book Mystery.

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