In Ten Years

Today’s blog challenge is to write about where I’d like to be in 10 years. The idea caused me to think back to ten years ago. Did I know where I would be now? Ten years ago our family business was just starting a slow decline. My parents were having a few health issues, and things were not too rosy on the financial front. I had just become involved with a local writers group, hoping to revive that long lost dream.

Jump ahead to now. Dad has retired and I took over the business, and I have moved it into my home (which I also designed and built within the last 10 years). The business is doing very well. I have published three books in three genres, and I’m working on more. On a personal level, I’m celebrating 30 years of marriage to the love of my life this weekend. I have two grown sons and a beautiful (inside and out) daughter-in-law.

So where will I be in another ten years?

I hope to be working as a successful author, traveling for conferences and signings. I’d love to have a movie deal in the works. I’d like to still be designing homes, though maybe fewer projects a year. I’d like to do more world traveling. My husband and I are trying to eat better and stay more active to maintain our health. And my biggest wish for the future me: I would love to see my children have children of their own. I truly believe that you can never hope to understand how much God loves you, until you have a child of your own.

What is your ten year forecast?

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