Something I Miss

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. My incredible husband and I celebrate 30 years of marriage. We chose the summer solstice for our wedding date, because we wanted our special day to last as long as possible. (I know it’s cheesy. That’s just how we are.)

When we met, it was love at first sight. The second I saw him– and saw him looking at me– I knew I was going to marry him. Really. And we still share that same look across rooms at parties, church events, family gatherings. He smiles and I melt. After all these years it hasn’t faded.

But one thing I do miss. When we first married, we didn’t have so many obligations and responsibilities. Our Saturdays were spent garage- sale-ing. (That’s a word. If you know what I’m saying, it counts.) At the time, we were usually hunting for cheap furniture and household stuff. Once our house was furnished, we looked for treasures to re-purpose or resell.

But these days our weekends are crammed with meetings and events. We have scheduled activities and errands that didn’t quite get done through the week. Sure, we still exchange that look whenever we’re out doing activities and shopping for groceries. We still hold hands whenever we’re together. But the hunting is quite different.

I miss seeing the expression on his face when he finds something entirely new that he didn’t even know he would like. The discovery that we share. That’s what I miss. Could I have that again? Yes, of course I can. Perhaps that will be my anniversary gift to my precious soul mate– a gift of more free Saturdays to spend together.

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