Ten Favorite Songs

My taste in music is eclectic, to put it mildly. My playlist includes Schubert and Holst, Guraldi and Mancini, Sonny and Cher, the Eagles and the Troggs, Hall and Oates, Dwight Yoakam, Meghan Trainor, Pink, Florence + the Machine, the Clash and the Muppets, and many more.

wedding day

For me to list just ten songs as favorites is just a silly idea.

us 2b

Instead, in honor of my 30th wedding anniversary, let me give you a list of songs that would top today’s playlist.

10- I’ll Stop the World and Melt With You, by Modern English

9- That’s What I Like about You, by the Romantics

8- Something to Talk About, by Bonnie Raitt

7- You Might Think, by the Cars

6- The Things We Do For Love, by 10cc

5- It’s Something That We Do, by Clint Black

4- Moondance, by Van Morrison

3- When a Man Loves a Woman, by Percy Sledge

2- Let My Love Open the Door, by Pete Townsend

1- Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman, by Bryan Adams


What are your ten favorite songs? What are your favorites for today?


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