Piercings and Tattoos?

Day eight of the June blogging challenge, and this may be the most boring post ever. The challenge calls for me to share with you any piercings or tattoos that I might have.

Are you ready? Here we go with this extremely long list. I have my ears pierced. Once in each lobe. That’s it.  Whoohoo!

Not only that, but I was 38 years old when I got that done. I’m a chicken. I think I’ve already established that fact, but here’s just one more opportunity to punctuate it.

As far as tattoos go? I prefer the lick-n-stick kind. I used to have a black dot “tattooed” on my left index finger from where I stabbed myself with a diamond-tipped drawing pen, but even that went away after a few years.

Now let me be clear, I “get” tattoos and some piercings. I think a little diamond resting on the side of one’s nose is beautiful. I’ve seen lots of lobes bedecked with precious stones and looped with lustrous metals. I’ve marveled at artistic sleeves and collars and all sorts of amazing ink. But that’s not for me. I sympathetically ache whenever I see a pierced tongue or eyelid. I’m a clumsy person, so my mind imagines all sorts of pain that I would inflict upon myself if I caught a little loop in my sweater and tore a piece of my eyebrow off. Yep, I would be that person.

While I have a fairly high pain tolerance (two babies without epidurals), my threshold isn’t quite so high. So if you have tats or piercings, hats-off to you. Enjoy them. Just know that I will admire them from my plain, un-perforated, pale-skinned, wimpy body.

Thanks for reading!

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