Old Photo of Me

Yep, that was me, many years ago. I sometimes wonder where that little girl went. What was her favorite thing to do?

She loved Sesame Street. So much that 20 years after this picture was taken, when Jim Henson passed away, she was moved to write this poem.

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Goodnight Kermit, Goodbye Jim

Goodbye, my friend, my kind and gentle friend.

One of my first. I thought the days would never end.

You taught me ABC and 123, to share, to laugh, to cry.

To live, to smile, and yes, dear friend, to even say good-bye.

And now I’m older, all grown up, with children by my side.

They sing the songs I sang with you,

enjoying the same ride.

But still inside me hides a child, running through sunny days,

Lighting lights and getting things started with a child’s eager gaze.

The busy stage is silent now and the footlights now are low.

So save a place for us upon your beautiful rainbow.

The theater is dark, even Statler and Waldorf are still,

But the magic hasn’t left us, and I know it never will. (c) 1990

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