Ten Favorite Foods

Day 6 of the June Blogging Challenge: My 10 Favorite Foods. This will be easy/tough, because I enjoy food. My favorites? Here we go.

10- I would like to say Sushi, but I know in my heart that’s not technically true. I like ordering off the sushi list, but my favorite rolls are the ones with flank steak (Amarillo Roll), and those with Tempura Shrimp and smoked salmon. Maybe I’m a chicken, but I like my raw fish cooked.

9- I’m a big fan of chicken if it’s fast food. My favorite is Chick-fil-a breaded sandwich. It’s one of the few fast foods I like at all.

8- Pizza. I like thin crust, thick crust, flat-bread, take-out, home-made, veggie, burger, cheesy… I like pizza.

7- Grilled steaks, medium. I’m a Texan; therefore legally obligated.

6-Lasagna. Cheese, noodles, sauce.

5- Fajitas. Meat, cheese, peppers, tortillas.

4- Coffee. Not a food, exactly, but definitely one of my daily requirements.

3- Cheese. Extra sharp cheddar. (Also Mac & Cheese)

2- Ice Cream. And I’m from Texas, so Blue Bell Ice Cream– yes, the one that’s been recalled and not available for months now. You don’t even want to know what’s going to happen when I get some back in my freezer.

1- Last, but not least, the one “medicinal” good-for-you (sort of) food on my list: CHOCOLATE! Dark and organic is best. Chocolate cakes, pies, cookies, brownies and candies– or just plain chocolate bar. Rich, bittersweet, smoky, silky, all pretty words that barely scratch the shiny surface and rake the luscious bark into brown-black curls. To the eye, the tongue, and the nose, it is pure pleasure. To the brain, it is a trigger to sweet memories and wild daydreams. Can you tell this is my favorite?

What are your favorite foods?


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