Six Degrees: Kevin Bacon is Back!!!

The game is “Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon.” The idea is to link any actor back to Kevin Bacon in six films or less. The theory is that ANY actor from ANY genre of film from ANY era can be linked to Kevin Bacon.


 Humphrey Bogart (1) was is the film Sabrina with

Audrey Hepburn (2) who was in Robin and Marian with

Sean Connery (3) who was in The Untouchables with

Kevin Costner (4) who was in JFK with

Kevin Bacon.

I could have skipped extra steps if I had linked Audrey Hepburn to Walter Matthau through the film Charade, because Matthau was in JFK as well. I decided to keep the extra step for this illustration.

I’m not sure why Kevin Bacon was chosen as “the one,” other than that he made several movies that starred incredible ensemble casts, many including stars from Hollywood’s golden age.

While known for his roles in Footloose, Apollo 13 and Mystic River, he started his career in 1978 as Chip in Animal House, released just a couple weeks after his 20th birthday. lists 71 acting credits to his name as well as multiple credits for directing and producing. His music is even included on five soundtracks.

I was getting a little worried that the “Kevin Bacon Game” was in trouble, because apart from the hilarious commercial with him playing his own biggest fan, I hadn’t seen him in many movies lately. With his role as Sebastian Shaw in X-Men: First Class, he again works with a huge ensemble of amazing actors, breathing new life back into “The Game.”

We now can link him directly to Hugh Jackman, Zoe Kravitz, Rebecca Romijn, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy. The cast list for X-Men: FC is enormous, and no doubt, many of the lesser-known players will grow in fame and extend the game’s boundaries for many years to come.

I enjoy watching Kevin Bacon on the silver screen. His talent is unmistakable. He can play the hero or the villain with ease, and he makes even his smaller roles larger than life.

I know Mr. Bacon has never really been absent from his movie career. How could he be with 71 films to his name? I’m just glad we have him back in a big movie, so we can keep the game going! It’s your turn to play. Have fun!

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema! Thanks for reading!

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