That Time of Year

September has begun, and for the rest of the year, it seems, everything will revolve around kids and family events. Back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the turning foliage, the first snow—it all screams family activities. I always get nostalgic at this time of year. Maybe everyone does. Even folks without children were once kids themselves, although there a few people that I wonder about.

I start pulling out the classic films and re-watching. I fill my Netflix queue with monster movies. I search out the warm-fuzzies and the pictures that carry me back down memory lane.

And occasionally at this time of year, I feel the need to blow something up. Yes, I love the romantic comedies and the family-feel-goods, but a terrific action movie is also a great way to cuddle on the couch.

Last week we put in the action-comedy-graphic-novel-adaptation of RED, and let the bullets ricochet around the room. This movie is great way to laugh, relax, and get a little frustration out.


The cast is a great blend of mature stars and young ‘uns, too. There is just a hint of twisted romance and ironic humor to satisfy just about everyone in the room. Bruce Willis is, in my opinion, at his best when he blends his action hero persona with his dry wit. John Malkovich, who is not usually my favorite, is simply endearing as the paranoid retired agent. Helen Mirren, Brian Cox, and Morgan Freeman are always classy. Mary-Louise Parker just cracks me up as Willis’ love interest. Karl Urban’s character had me booing and cheering all the way through. Richard Dreyfuss was perfectly horrible—in a good way. And lastly, Ernest Borgnine’s Henry was the sweet little cherry on top.

I’m sure next week I’ll want to watch something romantic and sweeping and all that, but for right now, a rocket launcher and a bucket-load of shell-casings is just what I need.

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading!



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