The Gowns, Glory, and the Little Gold Man

“It’s an honor just to be nominated.”

Translation: Because our movie got an Oscar nomination, people will actually pay to see it, and we’ll make a lot more money!

The nomination alone will boost ticket and product sales, but a full-fledged win can make a career for director, actor or screenwriter. If you have any doubts about that, just consider that it wasn’t so long ago that two kids from Boston wrote a little movie called Good Will Hunting. It won the Oscar, and now both of those young men are huge box office draws—one with a film in the running for Best Picture this year. Last time I checked, ARGO was the odds-on favorite, but I think this one is close.



This year’s movies’ include themes of war, mental illness, physical illness, loss, natural disasters, starvation, rescue, politics, and how love and determination binds us all together.

And fashion.

Let’s face it. What the stars wear today will set the trends for tomorrow. The most-talked-about gowns (for better or worse) can make or break a designer, and set the cyber world afire with silly memes. Consider Angie’s leg. No, stop, it’s too ridiculous.

My point is that while the world watches this one little awards show on TV the next big movie and fashion deals are being stitched together before our very eyes. Watch closely and you’ll see it!

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.

To see more information about the movies mentioned, or to purchase these titles, please click on the image for a link. Thanks!

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