Meteors, Asteroids and Comets, Oh My!

KABOOM! The once-beautiful clear morning sky rips in half with a streak of white fire as a meteor explodes just overhead. The heavens rain with shattered window glass, and car alarms blare all around. Panic ensues.

Video montage from YouTube

It sounds like something from an Action/ Sci-fi movie, except after yesterday, we all know it really happened. The quiet region of Chelyabinsk, Russia is now buzzing as scientists swarm the area looking for meteorites. To add a little more intrigue, this all happened within hours of another unrelated object, Asteroid 2012 DA14, passing Earth only about 17,100 miles away. Officials all over the world are calling for a united effort to protect the planet from threats invading from beyond our atmosphere.

So how do we, as the human race, handle these fantastic events?

Usually we keep them filed under fantasy. Movies like Meteor, 1979, Armageddon, or Deep Impact, both 1998, show us how the world comes together to fight and destroy these cosmic terrors headed our way. People make hard choices, sacrifices, and there are heroes and villains.

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What happened in Russia this week only proves that we are small, and we can’t control or even predict what will happen to us when we walk out of our door each morning. No matter how we plan—no matter what we tell ourselves—we can’t do it. We never could. We have to stick together.

We have to tell people how much we love them, because we never know when we might be the one that has to manually detonate the nuclear device on the eight-mile-wide-human-life-extinguishing asteroid hurtling toward Earth.

I love you guys. Really.

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.

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