The Last Time I Cried

When I saw this topic on the list for the June Blogging Challenge, I wondered if would be able to write about crying. Would I be able to share what had happened that triggered the tears? That was before June had begun, and I knew that by the time I reached this day, I would have cried between then and now. (I cry at everything– movies, commercials, my son towering over me, a new grocery store– it’s a problem.)

But this evening I am happy to report about what brought on the crying. It was laughter. Tonight was our writers’ group’s fundraiser run-through party. It was a murder mystery event with 15 characters playing out a whodunit in my living room. I was not a character; I directed the basic story. And I laughed. As more than a dozen friends and acquaintances accused, bribed, and deduced their way through chaos.

Was it the clumsy tailor? The local butcher? The wacky high school principal? Was the murder weapon a candlestick? A golf club? Poison? Did she die in the Ballroom? The kitchen? The room was filled with questions about who was married to whom, who was bribing the mayor, and why would a librarian visit an heiress in jail.

The players dressed in costumes. They went all-in for their characters. It was great fun. I laughed– literally slapping my knee– until I found myself in tears.

I’m exhausted now. And happy that the evening was a success. Yes, someone died, but only for about an hour. In the end we all had a great night, and I know that the October Fundraiser Event will be fantastic.

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