What Makes Me Feel Better… Always

Just a few days left of the June blogging challenge, and today’s topic is What Makes Me Feel Better… Always.

I take a slight exception to the premise of anything “making” me feel anything. I choose what I’m going to feel. It’s my choice to be happy or sad or angry. But setting that aside, there are things which I can choose to do which help encourage feelings of well-being, satisfaction, and joy. Here is my short list:

  1. Watching an Action Movie
  2. Taking a Long, Hot Shower or Bubble Bath
  3. Taking a Nap
  4. Hugs, Kisses, and Holding Hands
  5. Music, Singing and Dancing
  6. Reading
  7. Wonderful Aromas
  8. Writing
  9. Prayer
  10. Spending Time with my Best Friends

What do you do when you’re having a tough day? Let me know!

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