The Tie That Bonds

November is one of my favorite months, especially a James Bond November, like this one. With all the busyness that comes with the holidays and year-end chores, the chance to escape and enjoy a few fictional explosions is welcome.

Skyfall met all of my expectations, and then some. It was classic Bond, updated only enough to create a sense of realism. Though I saw it weeks ago, I was hesitant to write about it, because I was afraid I would give something away. I’ll be careful; I promise.

This movie was packed with action. It begins with a crazy… nope, I can’t tell you. And then, when Bond is… not that, either. But the best part is… I definitely can’t tell you that.

What can I tell you? Let me remind you that I am a HUGE Bond fan. I love ALL the Bonds. When Daniel Craig stepped into the License, I was skeptical, but he won me over right away. Some of my best friends found him cold and unlikable  but if you’ve ever read Ian Fleming’s Bond novels, you’ll see that Craig is true to tale.

One thing I can tell you about Skyfall is that, in my eyes, it brought the whole “departure” that some felt Craig’s character took all the way back around to the classic Bond films of the 1960’s. It still keeps the story true to present day, but with details like a super-creepy villain, the beautiful Aston Martin, a stylized coat rack and an upholstered door, this movie feels like Bond home. (Oh dear, I almost let a spoiler slip right there.)

If you like the new Bond, or if you’re more a Connery purist, you should see Skyfall. It’s incredibly fun and will keep your heart pounding till the very end!

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. Thanks for reading.

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