My Disney Princess Carries a Blaster

People are cranky about the whole thing. “It’s selling out,” they say. “How could George do this to us?” they ask. “He handed the whole Star Wars universe over to a mouse,” they claim.

And then there’s me, just as pleased as punch about it. Lucas made a business deal that will preserve his Empire for generations beyond his lifetime.

I fell in love with Star Wars right from the get-go. I stood in line for a ticket in 1977. I saw Episode IV over a hundred times. I had it memorized. I know, but it’s a GOOD MOVIE!

I appreciated the innovations in technology. I adored the characters. Most of all, I loved the story. I know that Lucas has made some controversial editing to his original films.

I get why he changed Solo’s first scene, even if I don’t agree with it. I know that Han shooting first contradicts the spirit of the Jedi code, but purists see it as the power of a changed man.

Why don’t I join the true fans that are up in arms about George Lucas selling Lucasfilm to Disney?

First, I don’t consider this a sellout. Lucas revolutionized the commercialization of movies all those years ago. My best friend still has an original Luke Skywalker doll/ action figure. Actually it was her brother’s, but she commandeered it to have a cute boyfriend for her Barbies. I knew lots of kids that had Star Wars lunch boxes, soundtracks, and tee shirts.

I don’t believe Lucas is dumping us. Kathleen Kennedy is still the head of Lucasfilm. She’ll help maintain the integrity of the story. She’ll insist on quality across the board. By selling to Disney, Lucas is insuring that his legacy will not become lost to time. What story-teller has been more faithful to preserve legends than Disney? Yes, they’ve been known to candy-coat a few fairy tales in their time, but let’s remember that Jar-Jar Binks was one of Lucas’ creations, too.

As far as “the mouse” goes, let’s take a minute to consider what Disney World could do with a Star Wars-inspired theme park. Imagine a virtual trip on the Millennium Falcon, competing in a pod race, or piloting an X-wing or Tie Fighter. I’m there.

And if Disney wants a new role model princess that can take care of herself—and lead a rebellion against an evil empire—Princess Leia is armed and ready for the job.

As far as the storylines and characters for Episode VII and beyond, I’d love to see Zachary Levi donning a Solo-esque vest and blaster.

That’s a wrap for this Toast to Cinema. May the force be with you!

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