Three Ways to Make Your Little Black Dress Better

You finally have that perfect Little Black Dress. It fits like a glove, flatters your figure, and goes everywhere. When you put it on, you feel like Audrey Hepburn. You want to put your hair up and fly to Paris. You want to pair it with a chunky, sparkly necklace or leopard print heels. How can it get any better? Here are my suggestions.

  • First, the Basics: Take care of yourself. While black is slimming, and any size is beautiful, healthy always looks best. Eat to fuel yourself. Move your body. Get the sleep you need. Feed your mind.

  • Wear it everywhere. School, work, church, dinner, business meetings, museums, the park. And remember that every time you wear it is special. A Little Black Dress shouldn’t be reserved for a special occasion. It creates the occasions.

  • Use your imagination. Because an LBD is a fashion staple, it becomes a clean canvas, ready for your creativity. Add a scarf, a necklace, a belt. Experiment with fun shoes and handbags. Play with earrings. Change your hairstyle. One of the best things about a Little Black Dress is you can become anyone while wearing one. The question is, who do you want to be today?

Get ready for an LBD adventure with my new novel series, Little Black Dress, set for release in March, 2018. Check back here soon for pre-order links!

Every woman’s secret weapon is her little black dress, but for fashion model-turned covert agent, Evan Tyler, her weaponized wardrobe makes her absolutely deadly.

Infiltrating the Paris couture scene, Tyler and her team level their sights on Anton Hrevic, a rising star designer who, along with his muse-models, seems intent on espionage and world manipulation. Wearing the high-tech and top secret Little Black Dress, Tyler uses both her God-given and government-granted assets to learn the truth behind Hrevic’s celebrity parties and uncover secrets that could unravel the global economy.

Little Black Dress would appeal to anyone who enjoys the pluck and style of Audrey Hepburn with a James Bond twist.

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