Timeline of My Typical Day

6:30 am       Get up, shower, dress for the day, make coffee, eat breakfast

8:00 am       Park myself at my desk, look over my daily schedule, answer my first phone call

9:00 am       Start work designing houses, fixing sketches, finalizing construction docs

10:00 am     Welcome my first appointment of the day

12:00 noon  Grab something to eat, run into town for errands

1:30 pm        Get back to work, return messages, start printing drawings

3:00 pm       Visit with clients about design solutions, send emails of the day’s progress

5:00 pm       Put away paperwork, pay bills, and organize for the next day

6:00 pm       Make dinner, clean house, start laundry, prepare for evening activities

7:00 pm       Meet with associates for writing, or other business development

9:00 pm      Home for the night, write blog posts, check emails, read

10:00 pm    Bedtime!

It’s a full schedule. I know. That’s why I really love the Bible verse, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, “Pray continually.”

That’s how I roll. How do you get through your daily schedule?

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